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Ans. To obtain commercial connection, please visit our website or get in touch with our Pune Zonal Office or Call centre. We would be happy to meet you personally and offer you all required details.

Ans. As per guidelines, the following documents are to be submitted, duly self-attested :

  • PAN Card and GSTIN
  • Shop & Establishment License or Factory License or Institutional or School Establishment License, as applicable
  • Land Purchase Deed (if owned)/Agreement (if leased/Rented).
  • NOC from society/ landlord.
  • NOC from society/ landlord.
  • Identity Proof of signing authority (Driving License/ Election Card/Aadhar Card)

Ans. There is no requirement of statutory compliance or govt. approval to get commercial natural gas connection. Natural Gas is a clean and safe fuel hence Govt. promotes use of natural gas.

Ans. Mahesh Gas will ensure in every possible way that natural gas supply is uninterrupted however due to any reason natural gas supply is interrupted due to any technical snag, our trained technical team would visit the site and restore natural gas supply at the earliest.

Ans. Technical team of MaGL will inspect your existing pipeline in accordance with PNGRB T4S regulation and if the pipelines meets all necessary requirements then the same can be used for natural gas connection. In case, the pipeline does not meet some of the regulatory requirements then our technical team may suggest few points of improvement.Ideally, we would like to supply PNG only thru MaGL approved & installed pipeline.

Ans. Yes, you can get Commercial connection on the rented/leased premise or land. However, you need to produce rent/lease agreement and NOC from the landlord to obtain natural gas connection.

Ans. Yes, you can transfer the ownership of the connection subjected to clearance of the all due payments to MaGL and completion of the ownership transfer formalities with MaGL.

Ans. Yes, there is a minimum consumption requirement of 5 units (scm) per fortnight, if you consume more than 5 units in a fortnight then there would not be any additional charges in the bill, however if you consume less than 5 units in a fortnight you would be billed for a minimum consumption of 5 units (SCM).

Ans. Yes, there is a provision for commercial consumers to temporarily disconnect the PNG. However, reconnection charges need to be paid as per the tariff card when consumer wants to resume the connection.